UK Funding


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UK Funding

Types of Funding

Using  a free and powerful 'click and go' global online fundraising platform, you can raise money for any purpose (commercial, charitable or personal), under any basis, no matter where in the world you are based (subject to terms), using a flexible range of: 

Social Bonds

Similar to a loan → secured or unsecured, short or long term. Social Bonds can be issued instantaneously without any prior legal or regulatory engineering (or the spending of significant amounts of time and associated costs) as its all already been done for you by the platform. You decide what to offer your funders and can include Social Action commitments to really show that you care about society → available across the world


Give company or BenCom shares to your funders → again, you can do this instantaneously without any prior legal or regulatory engineering


Sponsorships, legacy, etc → charitable (Gift Aid, tax deductible, etc) and non-charitable (financial contributions)

UK Government Approved Tax Relief Schemes

SITR, EIS and SEIS are all powerful ways for you to raise money for your projects and ventures as up to 50% TAX RELIEF can be claimed by your eligible funders

Regulatory Compliance

Any money you raise needs to be done in a particular way to meet your required regulatory compliance, otherwise your costs and legal complexity could increase significantly, along with your loss of opportunity. We can help with this should you need it